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Roman Vocabulary Words

Match the word or phrase to the correct definition.

ApenniesMountain range that runs north and south through the Italian Peninsula
AlpsMountain range in northern Italy
Gaulland that is present-day France
EtruscansEarly people on the Italian peninsula; they conquered the Latins
BasinArea of land drained by a river
TiberRiver on which Rome is located
PoRiver in northern Italy that drains into the Adriatic Sea
SicilyIsland at the "toe" of Italy
RepublicGovernment in which citizen have the right to choose their leaders
SenateLawmaking group in Rome
consulsTwo officials elected by the Senate who governed Rome and commanded the army
PatriciansRich and powerful families of Rome
Plebeiansfarmers, craftsmen and merchants of Rome
TribunesOfficials who were elected to protect the rights of the plebeians
Twelve TablesLaws of ancient Rome
CarthageRich trading center in north Africa
Punic WarsWars fought to control Sicily
HannibalCarthaginian general; lost the Battle of Zama
ScipioRoman general; defeated Hannibal near Carthage
Tyrrhenian SeaBody of water west of the Italian Peninsula
Julius CaesarGreat general; became dictator of Rome
Ides of March 44 B.C.Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by the senators
CleopatraWith the help of Julius Caesar, she became a powerful ruler of Egypt
civil warAfter Julius Caesar's death, the Romans battled each other for power
Augustus CaesarSaid," I found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble."
Pax RomanaBegan with Augustus-200 years of peace and prosperity
architectureThe science of building
cultural borrowingUsing ideas from one culture in another cultural group
domeArchitecture of the Pantheon
ColosseumGigantic sports arena
gladiatorsSlaves, prisoners of war or criminals that fought in the Colosseum
forumRoman marketplace
aqueductsStructures used to carry water to towns
concreteBuilding material created by the Romans-used for roads and buildings
Romance languagesLanguages based on the Latin language
VirgilRoman poet; wrote The Aeneid
Teachings of JesusBasis for Christianity
PalestineLand of the ancient Hebrews; known earlier as Canaan
ConstantineFirst Roman emperor to become a Christian
Caused by invaders from the north that conquered Roman landsRome fell in 476 A.D.

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