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SAT Prep Quickie Vocab 2

abrasivenessharshness, coarseness
billowingswelling, fluttering, waving
cowerrecoil in fear or servility, shrink away from
enhanceimprove, make better
haranguenoisy attacking speech
labyrintha maze
nullifyto counter, make unimportant
plaintiffapplicant, petitioner
tangiblecan be touched
abrogatecancel, deny, repeal
blasphemyspeech which offends religious sentiments
enigmapuzzle, mystery
harbingersindicators, bringers of warnings
labyrinthinecomplicated, highly convoluted
nuzzlecuddle, snuggle
plauditstatement giving strong praise
reprehensibleshameful, very bad
tardyslow, late, overdue, delayed

Teacher, SAT Prep
St. John's Jesuit High School

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