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SAT Prep Quickie Vocab 4

abstemiousself denying, refraining from indulging
blithefree-spirited, carefree
crepuscularactive at dawn and dusk
enunciationclear pronunciation, accent, articulation
headstrongstubborn, willful
lacklusterdull, monotonous, bland
objectiveunbiased, not subjective
pliableflexible, not stubborn
rescindretract, repeal
temperto moderate, soften
abstrusedifficult to understand, obscure
blunderbussancient weapon (type of gun); a clumsy person
cringerecoil, flinch, shy away
envenomto cause bitterness and bad feeling
hedonismself indulgence, pleasure-seeking
laconicusing few words, brief, short to the point, terse
obliqueindirect, slanting
plumagefeathers of a bird
resignationacceptance of fate
tenaciousstubborn, resolute, holding firm to a purpose

Teacher, SAT Prep
St. John's Jesuit High School

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