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Round Two (pages 5 & 6) timeline

Sumerian city-statessouthern Mesopotamia
Upper and Lower landEgypt
Harappan landIndus River Valley
Shang DynastyChina
cuneiformSumerian wedge-shaped writing
Olmecscentral America
Athens and SpartaGreece
ConfuciusChinese philosopher
patricians and plebiansRome
Alexander the Greatspread Hellenistic (Greek) culture
between Carthage and RomePunic War
Pax Romana200 years of Roman peace
Edict of Milandocument accepted Christianity
Middle AgesEurope 500 - 1500
Justinian IByzantine Empire
MuhammadArabia, Islam
CharlemagneFrank who was crowned by the pope
Shogun, samurai, feudalismJapan
Crusadesholy wars in Jerusalem
MongolsKubla Khan
Bubonic plaguekills 1/3 population of Europe
Renaissancerebirth of interest in learning
Johannes Guttenbergimproves the printing press
Ottoman Turkscaptures Constantinople
Christopher Columbusdiscovers America
AztecsMexico City
Issac Newtondiscovers gravity

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