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Breast Terms

Breast Terminology

Apocrine CellsMetaplasia
Myoepithelial CellsNaked Bi-polar Nuclei
LipophageFat Necrosis
Stag HornFibroadenoma
Lobes15-20 per Breast
Lactiferous GlandProduce Milk
LobulePrimary functional unit of breast
AmpullaDuct dilation near nipple
Areolasurrounds the nipple
tail of SpenceAxillary extension of breast tissue and lymphatics
ProlactinHormone which stimulates and sustains milk production
OxytocinMilk ejection
Witches Milkneo-natal lactation
GynecomastiaMale estrogenization leading to breast development
Fat necrosisCommonly due to trauma
ComedocarcinomaCentral necrosis
Colloid CarcinomaMucin producing
Cystosarcoma PhylloidesIncrease and thickening of stroma


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