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Set 2, To Kill a Mockingbird

Use these games to review your vocabulary.

onslaughta fierce attack
expoundingexplaining; clarifying; describing
erraticirregular; random; inconsistent
tranquilpeaceful; calm
contentiousargumentative; quarrelsome; hostile
monosyllabicone syllable
discernibleable to be seen
auspiciousfavorable; promising; hopeful
unanimousagreed; consensus; of one accord
disapprobationdisapproval; criticism
abominablehateful; nefarious; offensive
transparentclear; see through; translucent
benigngood; harmless; kind
tacitimplied; understood; assumed; inferred
benevolencekindness; good will; charity
perildanger; hazard; risk
incomprehensiblemysterious; unknowable
inquisitiveinquiring; curious; questioning
edificationeducated; knowledge; learning
ascertaindetermine; discover; find out
perplexingconfusing; bewildering; puzzling
inordinatelyextremely; excessively
guilessnessinnocence; naivete; simplicity
nocturnalnightly; night-loving
deportmentbehavior; conduct, manners; actions
obstreperousnoisy; loud; boisterous; uncontrolled
mortifyshame; belittle; ridicule; humiliate
inconspicuoushardly noticable; unassuming; concealed
unbrageoffensive; insult; resentment
tiradean angry outburst; denunciaton

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