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Grapes of Wrath Vocab

Vocabulary words from the Grapes of Wrath - entering 8th grade level

tarpaulina piece of material used for protecting exposed objects or materials
discernto see clearly or recognize
citadela fortress that commands a city/stronghold
jalopya dilapidated old vehicle
vagrancythe condition of one who has no established residence and wanders idly from place to place without lawful or visible means of support
ostracismexclusion by general consent from common privileges or social acceptance
pustulesa pimple or sore place with pus in it
pellagraan illness caused by poor diet
paupera very poor person
exploitedto make use of meanly or unjustly regards to ones advantage
skittersto have the runs
uniona combining of workers for a common cause
Hoovervillea shantytown oftemporary dwellings during the depression years in the U.S.
Okiea person or migrant from Oklahoma
migrantone who moves regularly in order to find work in harvesting crops
culverta big concrete cylinder that is used for drains/a bridge over a culvert
agitatorone who stirs up public feeling or controversial issues
microcosma community or other unity that is amodel of a large unity
parolea conditional release of a prisoner serving an interminable or unexpired sentence
strokesudden loss of consciousness caused by rupture or blockage of an artery of the brain

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