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Verbs with Prepositions

abusar deto abuse
acabar de +infto have just + pp
acordarse deto remember
alegrarse deto be happy about
apartarse deto move away from
aprovecharse deto take advantage of
burlarse deto make fun of
cambiar deto change
cansarse deto get tired of
carecer deto lack
constar deto consiste of
compadecarse deto feel sorry for
cuidar deto take care of
deber demust
dejar deto stop
despedirse deto say goodbye
disfrutar deto enjoy
enamorarse deto fall in love with
enterarse deto find about about
fiarse deto trust
gozar deto enjoy
haber de +infto be supposed to
ocuparse deto attend (to a task)
olvidarse deto forget
preocuparse deto worry about
quejarse deto complain about
reirse deto laugh at
servir deto serve as
tratar deto try to
tratarse deto deal with
contar conto count on
contenarse conto be satisfied with
encontrarse conto meet
meterse conto quarrel (with)
son~ar conto dream about, of
tropezar conto stumble
confiar ento trust
consistir ento consist of
convenir ento agree to
entrar ento enter
fijarse ento notice
meterse ento get into
pensar ento think about
quedar ento agree on
tardar ento delay in

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