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Grade 6 History Unit V Rome

753 BCCity of Rome began
Location of RomeIn Italy, along the Mediterranean Sea, near the mouth of the Tiber River.
Romulus and RemusAccording to legend, they were twin brothers. Romulus supposedly started the city of Rome, and and predicted that Rome would become the mistress of the world if the people of Rome continued to be industrious and brave.
EtruscansTook possession of Rome in late 7th century BC
Another name for RomeCity of the Seven Hills
HoratiusBrave noble who saved Rome from attacking Etruscans while others cut down the bridge behind him. He fell into the rushing river with all his armor but swam to safety.
CincinnatusAnother famous Roman nobleman who was wise and good and trusted by the people of Rome. He saved Rome's army when it was surrounded by enemies by quickly forming a new army and conquering the enemy.
About 500 BCthe Romans drove outTarquin, the tyrannical Etruscan king, and formed a republic.
Not all Roman citizens had equal rights.There were two classes - the nobles or patricians, and the plebeians or common people.
Roman boyswent to school at age 6, learned to read and write and do arithmetic on counting frames.
Roman girlsdidn't go to school very many years. Spent most of their time at home with their mothers, learning how to manage a household.
Roman war machinesmovable tower with swinging bridge to get over walls, battering rams and catapults
Romanswere a warlike people, constantly fighting with their neighbors.
By 275 BCRome had become mistress of all Italy.
Laws were made to give fuller rights to common peopleafter the plebeians left Rome and founded their own city.
Carthagelocated across the Mediterranean Sea from Italy on northern coast of Africa. Fought a series of wars with Rome, and was eventually conquered by Rome.
Hannibalgreat general of Carthage who was determined to conquer Rome, though he never succeeded. Famous for leading his army over the Alps mountains.
146 BCCarthage finally defeated in third and final war with Rome.

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