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Ecology: Food Webs

What is the difference between a saprobe and a carnivore? Find out more...

EcologyThe study of biology that deals with the interactions between living organisms and their environment.
Biotic FactorsAll living organisms in the environment and their effects.
Abiotic FactorsNonliving factors in an environment that affect the living organisms. Includes water, oxygen, light, etc.
Pyramid of BiomassA relationship between the relative mass of organims at each feeding level needed to support the subsequent levels shown in a pyramid.
Pyramid of EnergyThe amount of energy available in an ecosystem is shown with producers on the bottom and consumers on the subsequent levels.
EcosystemA community and the abiotic factors or physical environment in which they live.
AutotrophsOrganisms that can make their own organic food from nonorganic materials in the environment.
HeterotrophsOrganisms that can not make their own food but must ingest, digest, and egest preformed organic material.
HerbivoresHeterotrophs that feed on plants.
CarnivoresHeterotrophs that feed on other animals.
PredatorsA type of carnivore that that attack and kill their prey.
ScavengersA type of carnivore that feed on dead animals.
OmnivoresHeterotrophic animals that feed on both plants and animals.
SaprobesHeterotrophs that obtain nutrients by breaking down the remains of dead plants and animals.
Food WebAll of the food chains in one ecosystem.
Food ChainA series of organisms through which food energy is passed.
ConsumerHeterotrophic organisms.
ProducerAutrotrophic organisms.

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