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SAT Hit Parade Words

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abstractnot applied to actual objects
acquirednot naturally occurring
aestheticappreciation of beauty
alienatedremoved from friends, family, or homeland
alleviateto ease pain or burden
alliancea union of two or more groups
ambigousopen to more than one interpretation
ampledescribing a large amount of something
anthologya collection of literary pieces
apatheticfeeling or showing little emotion
apprehensionanizety or fear about the future
arbitera jugde who decides a disputed issue
ariddry, rainless climate
assertiona declaration or statement
assimilationto absorb; to make similar
astuteshrwed; clever
asyluma place of retreat or security
auspiciousfavorable; promising
austerewithout decoration; strict
beneovelentwell-meaning; generous
benignking and gentle
brittleeasily broken
brusquerudely abrupt
camaraderiegood will between friends
camouflageto hide by blending in with surroundings
capriciousimpulsive and un predictable
cartographerone who designs or makes maps
catalogto make an itemized list of
causticbitingly sarcastic or witty
clarityclearness in thought or expression
cogentconvincing; reasonable
coherentlogiacally connected

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