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Weathering, Erosion and Deposition

The following activities will help Mrs. Shepherd's students review and prepare for their test over Ch 11 and 12.

Root pryCauses cracks in sidewalks that are lined with trees
ExfoliationCauses formation of potholes in street during hot summers
LeachingProcess in which rain water carries dissolved mineral deeper into the ground
WeatheringProcess in which rocks turn into sand,soil and other particles
ErosionProcess in which sediments are transported from one place to another
DepositionLaying down of sediments resulting in new formations
Soil Profile OrderHumus, topsoil, subsoil, rock fragments, parent (bed)rock
ClayOnly soil particle produced by chemical weathering
RillSmall channel that flows into a larger channel
LeveeDepositional formation ( water)
Alluvial fanWater deposit formation that forms at the base of a mountain
Talus slopeGravity deposit formation that forms at the base of a mountain
DeltaWater deposit formation formed at the mouth of a river
Sand barWave deposit formation that touches land on two sides
SpitWave deposit formation that extends into the water
DuneWind deposit formation of sand
LoessWind deposit formation of dust
AbrasionBreaking down of rock particles by other rock particles
DeflationProcess of wind carrying away sand
Young RiverFound in mts,energy, V-shaped valleys
Mature RiverGentler slope,meanders,floodplains
Old RiverWide flood plains, oxbow lakes, moves slow
CarbonationLimestone dissolves, forming caverns
Plant acidsCauses mosses growing on the surface of rocks to produce pits

Mrs. Shepherd

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