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Religion Game

Match the word with its defintion.

BeatitudesJesus` eight prescriptions for living a happy life in harmony with God; from a word meaning " hapiness".
disciplea pupil committed to a teacher who promises to teach important lessons about life.
gracea gift from God;a participation in the very life of God.
marriage covenanta partnership, a sacred agreement that mirrorsth relationship that Christ has with the Church.
Missiona special assignment a person is given to accomplish
Moralitythe beliefs, values, purpose, and rules we need to know and practice in order to be and do good.
Mortal Sinan act that is so seriously evil that it brings death to God's life in us
Natural Lawthe light of understanding placed in us by God by which we know what we must do and what we must avoid
Ten CommandmentsThe law of God's covenant given to Moses on Mt. Sinai
Venial SinAn act that weakens out life with God
Blasphemya thought, word, or act making fun of or showing contempt or hatred of God
Consciencethe most basic awareness in us of what is right and wrong
CursingThe act of calling on God to do harm to a person
Decalogueanother name for the Ten Commandments
Euthanasiathe act of intentionally bringing about the death of one who is gravely ill
Extraordinary meansmedical procedures that are very expensive and unusual; the Church teaches that there is no moral obligation to use unusual medical procedures if their effect is simply to delay death rather than restore life.
MagisteriumThe official teachers of the Church, the pope and bishops; Ordinary magisterium is the day-to-day teaching of the pope and bishops about the truths of our faith; extraodinary magisterium is the solemn teaching that happens when the pope and bishops gather in an ecumenical council, or when the pope by himself make a solemn pronouncement about our faith
obediencethe act of listening to those in authority; a vow taken by religious men and women.
original sinthe rejection of God by our first parents, resulting in the loss of sanctifying grace for themselves and all their descendants.
patriotismthe virtue by which we show love and support for our country.
perjurythe act of lying under oath
swearingtaking oath; calling God to witness the truth of what is said.
benevolencethe act of wishing someone well.
calumnythe act of spreading lies about people, causing others to judge them falsely.
cardinal virtuesprudence, justice,temperence, and fortitude; human virtues on which all other human virtues depend.
chastitythe virtue that calls us to use sexuality in a reasonable, responsible, and faithful manner.
detractionthe act of speaking of someone's faults to do others without good reason.
justicethe virtue that guides our relations with people, respecting their dignity, honoring their rights.
mercythe act of showing love and compassion to those who are suffering.
modestythe virtue by which we express respect for ourselves by the way we dress, act, or speak.
rash judgementthe act of assuming something about another withoutany evidence.
restitutionthe return of or payment for something stolen from another.
theological virtuesfaith, hope, and love;supernatural powers enabling us to act as children of God.
virtuea good habit that empowers a person to act according to reason and faith.
agnostica person who says that it is impossible for human beings to know or to prove the existence of God.
atheista person who denies the existence of God.
creatorGod, who made everything from nothing.
deposit of faithall the truths entrusted by Christ to the apostles and the early Church found in Scripture and tradition
Divine Revelationthe activity of God making himself known to us
Faitha supernatural gift that enables us to open ourselves to God and accept all that God has revel
gracea gift from God; a participation in the very life of God.
monotheismbelief in one God
polytheismbelief in many gods
Yahwehthe divine name that means "I am who am"


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