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Dive into Oceanography

oceanographera scientist who studies the ocean
benthosorganisms that live only on the ocean floor
continental shelfrelatively flat part of a continental margin covered by shallow ocean water
cresthighest point of a wave
low tidelowest level of the ocean that occurs between the two high tides
high tidebulge in the ocean on the side of the earth facing the moon and on the opposite side
midocean ridgelarge system of underwater mountains
nektonforms of ocean life that swim
neap tidelower high tide than normal that occurs during the first- and last- quarter phases of the moon
planktonsmall organisms that float at or near the ocean's surface
oceanographystudy of the earth's oceans, including their physical features, life forms, and natural resources
salinityamount of dissolved salt in ocean water
spring tidehigher high tide that occurs during the full- and new-moon phases
surface currentocean current caused mainly by the wind patterns
tiderise and fall of the oceans caused by the moon's gravitational pull on the earth
tsunamigiant ocean wave caused by an earthquake
upwellingrising of deep cold curents to the ocean surface
troughlowest point of a wave
wavelengthhorizontal distance between two consecutive crests or troughs
trenchdeep V-shaped valley along the ocean floor

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