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Organ Systems

Organ Systems of the Human Body

Skeletal Systemgives support and shape to the body
Muscular Systemallows human to move body and its parts
Integumentary Systemforms a protective covering to prevent injury and disease
Digestive Systembreaks down food into simpler substances that the body can absorb and use to stay alive
Circulatory Systemtakes oxygen and nutrients to cells and removes carbon dioxide and other wastes from cells
Immune (Lymphatic) Systemtraps and destroys infection causing bacteria and viruses
Respiratory Systemtakes oxygen into the body and releases carbon dioxide
Excretory (Urinary) Systemremoves various wastes from the body
Nervous Systemreceives, interprets, and sends messages throughout the body
Endocrine Systemregulates growth, reproduction, and the body's use of food using hormones
Reproductive Systemallows body to produce offspring

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