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The Hidden Universe

Notes from lesson 1

astronomythe study of objects in the Universe
solar systemthe Sun and our nine planets
universeEVERYTHING makes it up
Big Bangscientific theory about the origin of the Universe
galaxieslarge systems of millions and millions of stars held together by gravity
nebulagigantic cloud of space dust and gases, birthplace of stars
nebular hypothesisidea that our solar system formed from a nebula
geocentric modelidea that our solar system revolves around the Earth
heliocentric modelmeans that the Sun is the center of the solar system
CopernicusPolish astronomer who wrote about the Heliocentric model
GalieoItalian scientist who used the telescope to prove the Heliocentric model
Sir Isaac NewtonEnglish scientist who defined gravity, gave us 3 laws of gravity, & Law of Universal Gravitation
scientific methodsystem for solving problems using hypothesis and experimentation
gravityforce that all objects exert on each other
irregular galaxieshave no real shape, many newer stars and lots of gases and dust
spiral galaxiesshaped like pinwheels, has a central bulge with older red stars, spirals or arms have newer stars
elliptical galaxiesoval shaped, mostly older stars, very little material for new stars
Milky Wayour galaxy, is a spiral galaxy
light yeardistance that light travels in a year, 9.5 trillion kilometers
astronomical unitdistance from the Earth to the sun

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