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Numbers 80 - 1000

Practise your numbers up to a thousand

eighty onequatre-vingt-un
eighty twoquatre-vingt-deux
eighty threequatre-vingt-trois
eighty fourquatre-vingt-quatre
eighty fivequatre-vingt-cinq
eighty sixquatre-vingt-six
eighty sevenquatre-vingt-sept
eighty eightquatre-vingt-huit
eighty ninequatre-vingt-neuf
ninety onequatre-vingt-onze
ninety twoquatre-vingt-douze
ninety threequatre-vingt-treize
ninety fourquatre-vingt-quatorze
ninety fivequatre-vingt-quinze
ninety sixquatre-vingt-seize
ninety sevenquatre-vingt-dix-sept
ninety eightquatre-vingt-dix-huit
ninety ninequatre-vingt-dix-neuf
one hundredcent
two hundreddeux cents
three hundredtrois cents
four hundredquatre cents
five hundredcinq cents
six hundredsix cents
seven hundredsept cents
eight hundredhuit cents
nine hundredneuf cents
one thousandmill

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