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Section 1-1 What is science?

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The plant in the windowsill has five flowers is an example of _____ data.quantitative
The information that you gather in your experiment is called your
The science that seeks to understand the living world is called ___.biology
A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience is called a(n) ____.inference
A proposed scientific explanation for a set of observations that can be tested is called a(n) ____.hypothesis
Data that is recorded as descriptions is called ____ dataqualitative
Data that is directly measured and recorded as a number is called ____ data.quantitative
The following two statements are about the same man. Which of the two statements is an observation and which is an inference? A) The man was tired. B) The man's heartrate was 140 beats per minute.Statement A was an inference, while statement B is an observation. Usually, people whose heartrates are high are tired, but the man could have also just received a big fright.
Who makes decisions on what to do based on scientific data (for instance, what to do when scientists say that certain types of pollution cause global warming)?You, the voter. Scientists only make recommendations and politicians only listen to people who vote.
Observations you make about something where you cannot directly observe the phenomena (such as viewing dinosaur bones to learn about dinosaurs) are called ________ observations.indirect
Taking temperature readings at weather stations around the world to learn about whether the Earth is warming is an example of ____

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