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Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Study this along with the review questions that you were given.

isthmusa small strip of land, with water on both sides, connecting two larger areas of land
cultural borrowingadapting customs from one culture for use in another
long story-poemsepics
acropolisforts on the tops of hills to protect from enemy attacks. They became the center for daily life in many city-states
agoraan open air market and gathering place outside the acropolis; people met in the agora to exchange goods
tyrantsomeone who took control of a government by force and ruled alone
aristocracyThis is when the richest men shared authority with the king.
assemblylawmaking group
helotsslaves owned by the state, not by private citizens; they were people from conquered city-states
oligarchysmall ruling group
democracyrule by the people
majority rulethe idea receiving the most votes wins
cultural identitycultural connection
mythstory passed down about an ancient god or hero
leaguesgroups of allies
tragediesseriouse plays in which the main character comes to an unhappy end
comedieshumorous plays
Hippocratesone of the greatest scientists of the Golden Age
demagoguesbad leaders
alliancesagreements to help each other
multiculturalempire of many cultures
Altisname for the sacred olive grove
gildedcoated with gold
Alpheusa river in Greece
mingledmixed together
heata round or part of a contest

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