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Pre Civil War

Review of causes of the Civil War using flashcards,matching,concentration, and word find puzzles

Underground RailroadSytem of routes and hiding places for escaped slaves
William GarrisonStarted the American Anti-Slave Society
Wilmot ProvisoCalled for lands aquired from Mexico to be free
Dred ScottSlave which sued for his freedom
MarytrSomeone willing to die for a cause
John BreckinridgeLost the election of 1860
Harriet Beecher StoweWrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
AbolitionistsPeople who wanted to end slavery
David WalkerTold slaves to revolt for their freedom
Forty-ninersPeople who went West looking for Gold
Popular SovereigntyWhen people have the right to choose whether to have slavery
John BrownRadical Abolitionsist which killed five settlers
Roger TaneyJudge during the Dred Scott case
Personal Liberty lawsHelped provide lawyers for slaves
Bleeding KansasNickname given to Kansas
Preston BrooksAttacked Charles Sumner in congress
four millionNumber of slaves in America in 1850
Eli WhitneyInvented the cotton gin
SouthPart of country cotton was farmed
Four ways Slaves undermined the sytemdragged heels, sick, destroyed eqipment, ran away
Four difficulties free blacks facedjobs, segregation,discrimination,guardian
Compromise of 1850Cal. free, Mexico has popular sovereignty, stricter fugitive slave laws, slave trade banned
Plantationslarge American farms that used slave labor
Middle PassageThe route from Africa to Americas.
Triangular TradeThe exchange of goods, slaves, and raw materials between Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

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