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Cell Organelles

Explore the inside of a cell as you learn about the major organelles.

NucleusControl center of the cell
OrganismAny living thing
RibosomesContain RNA and make proteins
Cell MembraneFound in both plant and animal cells
ChromosomesDirects growth and reproduction; found in the nucleus
CellBasic unit of structure and function in living things
CytoplasmThick, jellylike material inside a cell
MulticellularOrganisms made up of more than one cell
Nuclear MembraneDouble membrane that surrounds the nucleus
VacuolesStorage tanks for food, water, and waste materials
OrganGroups of similar tissues working together
MitochondriaMake and store energy; known as the powerhouse of the cell
LysosomePerforms digestive functions of the cell; known as the cleanup crew
Organ SystemGroups of organs working together
Endoplasmic ReticulumTransports materials in the cell
PhotosynthesisFood making process used by plants
TissueGroup of similar cells working together
Cell WallFound only in plants
PoresSmall openings in the nuclear membrane
CelluloseLong chains of sugar molecules that are found in cell walls
UnicellularOrganism made up of only one cell
NucleolusProduces ribosomes; known as the little nucleus
ChlorophyllGreen pigment found in plants
CholesterolSubstance found in the cell membrane of animals cells
OrganellesStructures that make up a cell

7th & 8th Grade Science
Havana Junior High

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