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Cell Division

Discover the steps involved in the process of cell division (mitosis).

MitosisProcess of cell division in which a parent cell divides to create two daughter cells
InterphaseFirst phase of cell division
Spindle FibersFibers that form a bridge between opposite ends of a cell during mitosis
ProphaseMarks the beginning of mitosis; centrioles and spindle fibers form
CytokinesisLast phase of cell division in which two daughter cells are formed
CentromereStructure which joins sister chromatids
ChromatinThreadlike coils of chromosomes
MetaphasePhase in which chromatids attach to the spindle fibers
AnaphasePhase in which chromatids separate and move towards the poles
TelophasePhase during which two new nuclei are formed; marks the end of mitosis
CentriolesPoles that form during cell division
ChromatidsPairs of chromosomes

7th & 8th Grade Science
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