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Section 1-2 How Scientists Work

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Based on his _____, Redi made the prediction that keeping flies away from meat would prevent the appearance of maggots.hypothesis
In science, a(n) ____ is a well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.theory
A highly probable, well-tested, comprehensive explanation, usually for a large collection of observations, is known as a scientific ___.theory
In an experiment to see which type of fertilizer causes plants to grow the fastest, the growth of the plant is the __________ variable.responding (The growth of the plant responds tp the type of fertilizer. This variable is also known as the dependent variable))
In an experiment to see which type of fertilizer causes plants to grow the fastest, the type of fertilizer is the _____ variable.manipulated (The type of fertilizer applied is manipulated by the scientist to see what effect the different types will have on the responding variable, which is how much the plants grow. This type of variable is also known as the independent variable))
The variable that is changed by the researcher before an experiment starts (such as the amount of water a plant will be receiving) is known as the ____ variable.manipulated (a.k.a. - independent variable)
The variable that is measured during the experiment to determine the results (such as the height that a plant grows during the experiment) is known as the ______ variableresponding (a.k.a. - dependent variable)
In a controlled experiment there is only one ______manipulated (a.k.a. independent) variable.
For an experiment to be considered "controlled" there must be exactly _____ manipulated variable(s).one
If a drug company was trying to find out whether a new medicine kept you from getting sick, half of the test subjects would get the medicine and the other half would get a fake pill but not know they were getting a fake pill. This last group would be considered the _____.control group
In an experiment where you are trying to find out how bright indoor grow lights should be in order to cause the best plant growth, things like temperature, the amount of water, and the type of soil used need to be ____.controlled variables (held constant for all groups)
After an experiment, data is analyzed to conclude whether the ____ was supported or refuted.hypothesis
Scientific theories are ____ -tested.well
Another name for the manipulated variable is the _______ variable.independent
Another name for the responding variable is the _______ variable.dependent
Another name for the independent variable is the _______ variable.manipulated
Another name for the dependent variable is the _______ variable.responding

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