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Wild West

Terms,places,events, and people of the West are studied through games.

Union PacificPart of the transcontinental railroad which started from Omaha.
LodeA vein of gold or silver
Chief JosephLeader of the Nez Perce Indians
Continental railroadFirst railroad to go coast to coast.
MontanaSite of the most Indian battles.
ReservationsFenced in areas Indians were forced to live.
Little Bighorn riverSite of Custer's last stand.
Central PacificPart of the transcontinental railroad which started from Sacramento.
VigilanteSomeone who takes the law into their own hands.
Dawes ActAct which forced Indians to live like the white settlers
CoupIndian act of touching an enemy with your hands or a coup stick
StampedeA cowboy's biggest fear
Great PlainsFlat grassy lands found in the western part of the U.S.
Homestead ActProvided land for settlers at a cheap price
BandA smaller division of a tribe.
Black HillsLand considered sacred by the Indians
Comstock LodeRichest strike of all time.
Promontory PointSite where the transcontinental railroad came together.
TexasState where the cattle industry began
Fort Laramie AgreementGave Indian tribes money for not attacking settlers
Three problems miners facedcave-ins,poisonous gasses, hot waters
Five states mining took place.montanta,S. Dakota, N. Dakota,Wyoming,Arizona
Three problems railroaders faced.Sheer cliffs,indian attacks, bitter weather.
Two advantages miners brought to U.S.Paid off Civil war debt, created new states, created new jobs
Three advantages railroaders brought to U.S.united East and West, ship people and supplies quicker, created new jobs
Trail teamcook, wrangler, trail boss, 8-12 cowboys

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