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Where were the first farming settlements located?Rivers
What caused division of labor to happen?Surplus of food
What does the word Mesopotamia mean?The land between the rivers
The Fertile Crescent is formed by the rich farmlands around which two rivers?The Tigris and Euphrates
How did early people in Mesopotamia make farming successful?Irrigated their fields
What was the most common building material in Mesopotamia?Mud-bricks
What is the earliest known civilization in Mesopotamia?Sumer
What was an important contribution of the Sumerians?the wheel
What is a city-state?A city with its own ruler, army, and laws.
Who was in the upper class in Mesopotamia?the king, priests and nobles
Who was in the middle class in Mesopotamia?scribes, artisans, craftsmen
Who was in the lower class in Mesopotamia?Laborers and slaves
What were ziggurats?temples
What is a polytheistic religion?A religion that worships many gods
What is the Mesopotamian form of writing?cuneiform
What did the Sumerians use to write?stylus and clay
What purpose did the wall around a city serve?To protect the people from an attack
Who interpreted the will of the gods for the Mesopotamians?priests
Why did Mesopotamians believe they had been created?to feed, clothe, and house the gods
What did the Mesopotamians think was the cause of good and bad things?the happiness and unhappiness of the gods
What is a surplus?an extra amount
How did civilizations develop?When people had a stable food supply, complex societies could form.
What were the people of Mesopotamia before they started living in cities?Hunters and Gatherers
What is the Fertile Crescent?The rich farmlands between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
Why did cities in Sumer develop into separate city-states?Because they were separated by long stretches of desert
What was at the center of every Sumerian city-state?A temple that was believed to be the home of the city's chief god.
Where did writing first develop?Mesopotamia
What advantage was there to cuneiform writing over picture writing?It was simpler
What does cuneiform writing look like?Wedge shaped symbols
Who ruled the kingdom of Babylonia and created a code of laws by which to live?Hammurabi
What was the overall purpose of the Code of Hammurabi?To protect the people
Why did Hammurabi establish a code of laws?To bring order to the lives of his people
What was the name of the first written doe of laws?Hammurabi's Code
Who served a role between the Sumerians and their gods?priests
What is an empire?Many different lands under one government.
Who was the first man to conquer all of Mesopotamia?Sargon
Who created the first permanent army?Sargon
What is a theocracy?A government in which the people believe that the ruler is a god or chosen by the gods to rule.
What is a monarchy?A government where a king or queen rules.
Why is Mesopotamia a theocracy?Because they believed their kings were chosen by the gods.
What was the most important contribution of the Phoenicians?The creation of an alphabet.

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