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vocabulary review

structure made up of different types of tissues that work togetherorgan
green organelles in the cytoplasm of plant cells where photosynthesis occurschloroplasts
gelatinlike material inside every cellcytoplasm
allows certain materials to move into and out of the cellcell membrane
directs all activities of cellsnucleus
releases energy in food that cells need to stay alivemitochondria
All organisms are made of cells and all cells come from another cellcell theory
surrounds the cell membrane of plant cellscell wall
a strand of hereditary material surrounded by a protein coatingvirus
a group of similar cells that work together to do one jobtissue
cell that has a nuclear membraneeukaryotic
cell that does not have a nuclear membraneprokaryotic
first person to look at cells with a microscopeRobert Hooke
series of folded membranes that move materials around in the cellendoplasmic reticulum
small structures in cells that make proteinsribosomes
organelle that package cellular substances to be removed from the cellgolgi bodies
cell in which a virus multiplies itselfhost
structures within the cytoplasmorganelles
stores water, waste products, and foodvacuoles
recycling organelles which break down food molecules and cell wasteslysosomes
scaffolding-like structure in cytoplasm which helps cell keep its shapecytoskeleton
group of organs working together on one joborgan system
solution made from weakened virus particles that prevents viral diseasesvaccine
green substance in plants that captures the sun's energychlorophyll
microscope with two sets of lenses, objective lenses and eyepiece lensescompound light microscope
instrument which uses a magnetic field to magnify images up to 1,000,000 timeselectron microscope
chemical that contains the code for the cell's structure and activitiesDNA

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