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Classifying Living Things

using two words to name organismsbinomial nomenclature
to group organisms based on similaritiesclassify
the smallest most specific group of organsismsspecies
science of grouping and naming organismstaxonomy
largest group within the plant kingdomdivision
largest group within the animal kingdomphylum
largest classification groupkingdom
groups a class is divided intoorders
largest group within a phylumclass
a group of different, similar speciesgenus
groups orders are divided intofamilies
identifies an organism by genus and speciesscientific name
key that helps identify organismsdichotomous
the great variety of organisms on Earthspecies diversity
cells have a nuclear membrane around the nucleuseukaryote
cells do not have a nuclear membrane around the nucleusprokaryote
organism capable of photosynthesisautotroph
organism not capable of photosynthesisheterotroph
organism is made of more than one cellmulticellular
organism is made of only one cellunicellular

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