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Introduction to Animals

Vocabulary Review

animal with a backbonevertebrate
lines the inside of a spongecollar cells
a stage in development between egg and adultlarva
remaining attached to one placesessile
name of sponge phylumPorifera
ability of an organism to replace body partsregeneration
an animal that produces both sperm and egghermaphrodite
name of cnidarian phylumCnidaria
surrounds mouth of cnidarian and has stinging cellstentacles
tentacles of cnidarian hang downmedusa form
tentacles of cnidarian point uppolyp form
organism that does not depend on another for food or a place to livefree-living
organism that obtains food by filtering it from the water in which it livesfilter-feeder
example of a filter feedersponge
animal that doesn't have a backboneinvertebrate
opening at the end of digestive tract where wastes leaveanus
larva with a protective coveringcyst
organism that cannot make its own food by photosynthesisheterotroph
organism that can make its own food by photosynthesisautotroph
moving from place to placelocomotion
made of many cellsmulticellular
made of only one cellunicellular
cells contain a "true" nucleuseukaryote
cells lack a "true" nucleusprokaryote
hookworm, dog heartworm and pinwormroundworms
tapeworm, fluke and planarianflatworms
hydra, jellyfish, coral and sea anemonecnidarians
name of roundworm phylumPhylum Nematoda
name of flatworm phylumPhylum Platyhelminthes
free-living flatwormplanarian
body sections of tapewormsproglottids
organism parasite depends on for food or a place to livehost
stinging cells that cnidarians havenematocyst
small openings covering the body of a spongepores
"whips" on collar cellsflagella
symmetry of an animal with top, bottom, head and tailbilateral
symmetry of an animal with no front, back, right or leftradial
no symmetryassymetrical
growth on side of an organism that breaks off and grows into a new organismbud
includes egg, larga, and adultlife cycle

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