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Photosynthesis, Transpiration, Respiration, Classification

green plants use sunlight to make foodphotosynthesis
evaporation of water through stomatatranspiration
breaking down of food to release energyrespiration
using characteristics of leaves to identify plantsclassification
reactants of photosynthesiscarbon dioxide, water
products of photosynthesisglucose, oxygen
cell structure photosynthesis occurschloroplasts
molecules of carbon dioxide used in photosynthesissix
molecules of water used in photosynthesissix
molecules of glucose made in photosynthesisone
molecules of oxygen made in photosynthesissix
stores energyphotosynthesis
releases energyrespiration
needed in cells for photosynthesischlorophyll
atoms of oxygen in one molecule of carbon dioxidetwo
atoms of carbon in six molecules of carbon dioxidesix
reactants of respirationoxygen, glucose
products of respirationwater, carbon dioxide
molecules of oxygen used in respirationsix
molecules of glucose used in respirationone
molecules of carbon dioxide made in respirationsix
molecules of water made in respirationsix
cell structure respiration occursmitochondria
cells respiration occursall cells of all organisms all the time
atoms of carbon in one molecule of glucosesix
atoms of oxygen in six molecules of oxygentwelve
leaf with one bladesimple
leaf with more than one leafletcompound
attaches leaf to stempetiole
may be smooth, toothed, or lobedmargin
veins side by sideparallel
one main vein in middlepinnate
several main veins branch from petiolepalmate
all leaflets attached at petiolepalmately compound
all leaflets not attached at petiolepinnately compound

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