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The Sumerians

Test your knowledge of the world's first advanced civilization

Pu-AbiQueen of Ur
EnheduannaDaughter of Sargon
SargonAkkadian empire builder
GilgameshLegendary king of Uruk
EnkiduFriend of Gilgamesh
irrigationSystem of canals and levees
cuneiformSumerian writing system
HumbabaDemon of the cedar forest
MesopotamiaLand between the rivers
zigguratTemple to a deity
polytheismBelief in more than one god
AkkadiansSemitic people
AgadeSargon's capital city
city-stateAn independent city
siltRich soil carried by rivers
EmpireArea controlled by one group or person
NippurReligious center of Sumer
EnlilGod of Nippur
Inanna (Ishtar)Goddess of love and war
Lugal-ZaggisiSargon's foe (enemy)
CoalitionAn alliance
UrukCity of King Gilgamesh
UrCity where Pu-Abi was buried
KishCity where Sargon ruled
MonotheismBelief in only one god
Ram in the ThicketArtifact from Ur
WoolleyEnglish archaeologist
ShamashThe Sun god

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