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OVID: Pyramus and Thisbe: Vocab lines 115-127

Practice several times to see ALL vocabulary items. FOR BEST RESULTS make sure you say all of the PRINCIPAL PARTS to yourself!!!
(From Ovid: Love & Transformation by Rick LaFleur)

pactus, -a, -umagreed upon, settled upon
haustus, -us, (M)drink, draft
accingo, accingere, accinxi, accinctusto grid, equip
ilia, ilium (N)groin, genitals; entrails
ferrum, -i (N)iron
mora, -ae (F)delay
fervens, ferventisboiling; warm
resupinus, -a, -umlying flat on one's back
humus, -i, (F)earth, ground
cruor, cruoris, (M)blood (from a wound); slaughter
emico, -are, -avi, aturusto move suddenly outward/upward
aliter (adv)otherwise, differently
vitiatus, -a, -umfaulty, defective
fistula, -ae (F)tube pipe; sheperd's pipe
strido, stridere, stridito hiss
foramen, foraminis, (N)hole, perforation
eiacular, -ari, -atus sumto shoot out, discharge
ictus, -us (M)stroke, blow; spurt, pulsing
arboreus, -a, -umof a tree
fetus, -us (M)giving birth, fruit; offspring
adspergo, adsperginis (F)sprinkling, spattering
ater, atra, atrumblack, dark
verto, vertere, verti, versusto (cause to) turn, spin; to reverse, change
facies, -ei (F)outward appearance; face; shape, form
madefactus, -a, -umdrenched, soaked
purpureus, -a, -umpurple
morum, -i, (N)mullberry
color, coloris, (M)color

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