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Science Unit 3 - The Cell and Its Parts

Vocabulary - animal and plant cells

cellthe basic unit of structure and function of all living things
cell membranethe thin covering of a cell
organellessmall structures within a cell
necleusthe organelle that determines the cell's activities
chromosonesthreadlike structures that contains the characteristics of the organism
cytoplasma jellylike substance that keep the cell functioning
mitochondriaorganelles that release energy from food
vacuolesorganelles that store food, water, or waste materials
chloroplastsplant organelles that make food
cell wallplant organelles that surrounds the cell and gives it strength
diffusionthe process of materials moving into and out of cells
osmosisthe movement of water and dissolved materials through cell membranes
tissuecells that work together to perform a specific function
organtissues that work together
systemorgans that work together to perform a specific function
Plant Cell
Animal Cell

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