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OVID: Pyramus and Thisbe: Vocab lines 55-64

Practice vocab.

oriens, orientis (M)the rising sun, dawn; the eastern world
praelatus, -a, -umpreferred
contiguus, -am, -umconnected
coctilis, -is, -ebaked; made of fired bricks
notitia, -ae (F)acquaintance
gradus, -us (M)step, pace
vicinia, -ae (F)nearby area, vicinity; nearness
ius, iuris (N)law, legal sanction; legal authority
coeo, coire, coii, coitusto come together, meet; form an alliance
aequus, -a, -umlevel, even
mens, mentis (F)mind
conscius, -i (M)accomplice, witness
nutus, - us (M)nod of the head
tego, tegere, texi, tectusto cover; to hide, conceal
aestuo, -are, -avi, aturusto burn fiercly, blaze; to burn with desire

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