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OVID: Pyramus and Thisbe: Vocab lines 65-80

Practice Vocabulary

findo, findere, fidi, fissusto split apart; to open up
paries, parietis (M)wall
vitium, -i (N)defect, fault; flaw, imperfection
saeculum, -i (N)generation, age
iter facereto clear away; grant passage
tutus, -a, -umsafe, secure
hincfrom this place; from/on this side
illincfrom that place; from/on that side
in vicesin turn, alternately
anhelitus, -us (M)gasping, panting; breath, breathing
invidus, -a, -ummalevolent, hateful; envious, jealous
obsto, obstare, obstiti, obstaturusto face; to stand in the way; obstruct
velat least
ingratus, -a, -umungrateful, thankless, unappreciative
fateor, fateri, fassus sumto acknowledge, admit, confess; to accept
amicus, -a, -umfriendly, loving
transitus, -us (M)passage, path
auris, auris (F)ear
nequiquamwith no effect, to no avail, in vain
sedes, sedis (F)seat; home;place, position
subjust before

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