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OVID: Pyramus and Thisbe: Vocab lines 81-92

Practice Vocabulary

contraon the opposite side
sol, solis (M)the sun
pruinosus, -a, -umfrosty
radius, -i (M)ray of light
sicco, -are, -avi, -atusto dry
solitus, -a, -umusual, accustomed
parvogentle, quiet
queror, queri, questus sumto complain about, protest
statuo, statuere, statui, statutusto set upright, stand
silens, silentisquiet, silent
tectum, -i (N)roof, cieling
neve or neunor; and so that...not
latus, -a, -umbroand, wide; extensive, vast
spatior, -ari, atus sumto walk, wander about
convenio, convenire, conveni, conventurusto assemble, meet; +dat.
bustum, -i (N)funeral pyre, ash; grave mound, tomb
niveus, -a, -um(consisting) of snow; snow-white, snowy
uber, uberiscopious, abundant; +abl., rich
pomum, -i (N)fruit tree; fruit
ardus, -a, -umtall, towering
morus, -i (F)mulberry tree
gelidus, -a, -umcold, cool, chilly
conterminus, -a, -umbordering (upon), close (to) +dat
fons, fontis (M)spring, spring-water
pactum, -i (N)agreement, plan
praecipito, -are, -avi, -atusto plunge/ hurl downward

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