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Key Terms

euglena protistsplantlike, flagella, reddish eyespot, chloroplasts
flagellate protistscell with whip like structure (flagellum) used to move
hostsliving things that parasites use for food a/o home.
funguslike protistsheterotrophs, flagella, cell walls
red tideoccurrs when dinoflagellate produce quickly
human use of diatomstoothpaste
malaria causeplasodium sporazoans, two hosts: Anopheles ,osquito, humans
sporazoans protistsanimallike, complete life cycle, >1 host, produce spores to pass from hosts
pseudopodtemporary extension of cell membrane for feeding and movement.
flagellumwhip like structure for cell movement
cilium (cilia)hair for wave like beat for movement, feeding and to sense environnment
sarcodine protistanimallike with psueudopods
zooflagellates protistanimal like with flagella
autotrophy organismproduces own food
hetertrophy organizmeats other organisms, can't produce its iwn food.
pellicletough outer covering
eyespotsnear pouch and sensitive to light
chloroplastsgrass like structure to make food
parasite organismsurvives by living in/on host
unicellular organismone cell
cell membranecontrols what comes in and out of cell.
contractile vaculoecell structure for controlling water in cell
animallike protists: sacodines, cilia zooflagellates sporazones)cell with nucleus, no cell wall, heterotroph
plantlike protists (eg eugelens, diatoms, and dinioflagellates)capabpe of movement, autotrophs, source of food, produce oxygen; most have flagella
spore cellformed by protists to pass between hosts and for reproduction
ameba food sourcessmaller protists
paramecium food sourcesparticles floating on water
eugelenas food sourcesmake own food from simple raw materials
Slowing down malaria cycleSpray breeding areas, repellants for humans.
Malaria transmissionPlasmodium require two hosts to transmit spores
multicellular organismmany celled organisms

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