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GRE Vocab list #2 (1999)

Vocabulary practice flash cards for the GRE CAT verbal section.

alleviate2This should _ the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs.
allocate2Even though the Red Cross had _ a large sum for the relief of the sufferers of the disaster, many people perished.
alloya mixture of metals
alloy2_ of gold are used more frequently than the pure metal.
alluderefer indirectly
allude2Try not to _ to this matter in his presence because it annoys him to hear of it.
allusionindirect reference
allusion2The _ to mythological characters in Milton's poems bewilder the reader who has not studied Latin.
alluvialpertaining to soil deposits left by rivers, etc.
alluvial2The farmers found the _ deposits at the mouth of the river very fertile.
aloofapart; reserved
aloof2He remained _ while all the rest conversed.
altercationwordy quarrel
altercation2Throughout the entire _, not one sensible word was uttered.
altruismunselfish aid to others; generosity
altruism2The philanthropist was noted for his _.
amalgamatecombine; unite in one body
amalgamate2The unions will attempt to _ their groups into one national body.
amass2The miser's aim is to _ and hoard as much gold as possible.
ambiguousdoubtful in meaning
ambiguous2His _ directions misled us; w did not know which road to take.
amblemoving at an easy pace
amble2When she first mounted the horse, she was afraid to urge the animal to go faster than a gentle _.
ambrosiafood of the gods
ambrosia2_ was supposed to give immortality to any human who ate it.
ambulatoryable to walk
ambulatory2He was described as an _ patient because he was not confined to his bed.
ameliorate2Many social workers have attempted to _ the conditions of people living in the slums.
amenablereadily managed; willing to be led
amenable2He was _ to any suggestions which came from those he looked up to; he resented advice from his inferiors.
amenitiesagreeable manners; courtesies.
amenities2She observed the social _.
amiableagreeable; lovable
amiable2His _ disposition pleased all who had dealings with him.
amicable2The dispute was settled in an _ manner with no harsh words.
amnesialoss of memory
amnesia2Because she was suffering from _, the police could not get the young girl to identify herself.
amnesty2When his first child was born, the king granted _ to all in prison.
amorphous2She was frightened by the _ mass which had floated in from the sea.
amphitheateroval building with tiers of seats
amphitheater2The spectators in the _ cheered the gladiators.
ample2He had _ opportunity to dispose of his loot before the police caught up with him.
amplify2His attempts to _ his remarks were drowned out by the jeers of the audience.
amputatecut off part of body; prune
amputate2When the doctors decided to _ his leg to prevent the spread of gangrene, he cried that he preferred death to incapacity.
amuckin a state of rage
amuck2The police had to be called in to restrain him after he ran _ in the department store.
amuletcharm; talisman
amulet2Around his neck he wore the _ which the witch doctor had given him.
analogous2She called our attention to the things that had been done in an _ situation and recommended that we do the same.
analogysimilarity; parallelism
analogy2Your _ is not a good one because the two situations are not similar.
anarchyabsence of governing body; state of disorder
anarchy2The assassination of the leaders led to a period of _.
anathemasolemn curse
anathema2He heaped _ upon his foe.
ancillaryserving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary
ancillary2In an _ capacity he was helpful; however, he could not be entrusted with leadership.
andironsmetal supports in fireplace for cooking utensils or logs
andirons2She spent many hours in the department stores looking for a pair of ornamental _ for her fireplace.
anemiacondition in which blood lacks red corpuscles
anemia2The doctor ascribes her tiredness to _.
anestheticsubstance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness
anesthetic2His monotonous voice acted like an _; his audience was soon asleep.
animadversioncritical remark
animadversion2His monotonous voice acted like an _; his audience was soon asleep.
animadversioncritical remark
animadversion2He resented the _ of his critics, particularly because he realized they were true.
animated2Her _ expression indicated a keenness of intellect.
animosityactive enmity
animosity2He incurred the _ of the ruling class because he advocated limitations of their power.
annalsrecords; history
annals2In the _ of this period, we find no mention of democratic movements.
annihilate2The enemy in its revenge tried to _ the entire population.
annuityyearly allowance
annuity2The _ he set up with the insurance company supplements his social security benefits so that he can live very comfortably without working.
annulmake void
annul2The parents of the eloped couple tried to _ the marriage.
anomalousabnormal; irregular
anomalous2He was placed in the _ position of seeming to approve procedures which he despised.
anomaly2A bird that cannot fly is an _.
anonymoushaving no name
anonymous2She tried to ascertain the identity of the writer of the _ letter.
antagonismactive resistance
antagonism2We shall have to overcome the _ of the natives before our plans for settling this area can succeed.
antecede2The invention of the radiotelegraph _ the development of television by a quarter of a century.
antediluvianantiquated; ancient
antediluvian2The _ customs had apparently not changed for thousands of years.
anthropoid2the gorilla is the strongest of the _ animals.
anthropologista student of the history and science of mankind
anthropologist2_ have discovered several relics of prehistoric man in this area.
anticlimaxletdown in thought or emotion
anticlimax2After the fine performance in the first act, the rest of the play was an _.
antipathyaversion; dislike
antipathy2His extreme _ to dispute caused him to avoid argumentative discussions with his friends.
antisepticsubstance that prevents infection
antiseptic2It is advisable to apply an _ to any wound, no matter how slight or insignificant.
antithesiscontrast; direct opposite of or to
antithesis2This tyranny was the _ of all that he had hoped for, and he fought it with all his strength.
apathetic2He felt _ about the conditions he had observed and did not care to fight against them.
apertureopening; hole
aperture2she discovered a small _ in the wall, through which the insects had entered the room.
apextip; summit; climax
apex2He was at the _ of his career.
aphorismpithy maxim
aphorism2An _ differs from an adage in that is more philosophical or scientific.
aplomb2His nonchalance and _ in times of trouble always encouraged his followers.
apocryphalnot genuine; sham
apocryphal2Her _ tears misled no one.
apogeehighest point
apogee2When the moon in its orbit is furthest away from the earth, it is at its _.
apothecary2In the _ weight, twelve ounces equal one pound.
apothegmpithy, compact saying
apothegm2Proverbs are _ that have become familiar sayings.
apotheosisdeification; glorification
apotheosis2The _ of a Roman emperor was designed to insure his eternal greatness.
apparitionghost; phantom
apparition2Hamlet was uncertain about the identity of the _ that had appeared and spoken to him.
appeasepacify; soothe
appease2We have discovered that, when we try to _ our enemies, we encourage them to make additional demands.
appellationname; title
appellation2He was amazed when the witches hailed him with his correct _.
append2I shall _ this chart to my report.
appositeappropriate; fitting
apposite2He was always able to find the _ phrase, the correct expression for every occasion.
appraiseestimate value of
appraise2It is difficult to _ the value of old paintings; it is easier to call them priceless.
apprehendarrest (a criminal); dread; perceive
apprehend2The police will _ the culprit and convict him before long.
apprehensivefearful; discerning
apprehensive2His _ glances at the people who were walking in the street revealed his nervousness.
apprise2When he was _ of the dangerous weather conditions, he decided to postpone his trip.
appurtenancessubordinate possessions
appurtenances2He bought the estate and all its _.
aptitudefitness; talent
aptitude2The counselor gave him an _ test before advising him about the career he should follow.

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