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Section 4.1 The Role of Climate

Climate is the average, year-to-year, conditions of ____ and ____ in a certain area.temperature and precipitation
______ is the average, year-to-year, conditions of temperature and precipitation in a certain area.Climate
The natural trapping of heat energy by gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is known as ____.the greenhouse effect,
Name three greenhouse gases, starting with the one blamed for most of current global warming.Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor
What does this picture depict?, The greenhouse effect,
What are the three global climate zones, starting with the warmest and ending with the coldest?Tropical, temperate, polar
Heat is moved away from the tropics by which two methods?Wind and ocean currents
Wind and ocean currents are caused by the fact that warm fluids ____ and cool fluids _____.rise, sink
The climate on the side of a mountain range getting hit by prevailing winds is ______ than the climate on the other side of the mountain range.wetter,
What are these lines called?, lines of latitude,

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