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OVID: Daedalus and Icarus: Vocab lines 210-235

monitus, -us (M)advie, warning
senilis, -is, -eaged, of an old man
patrius, -a, -umof a father
levo, -are, -avi, -atusto lift, raise up
ales, alitis (M/F)large bird, fowl
tener, tenera, tenerumsoft, tender
proles, prolis (F)offspring
produco, producere, produxi, productusto bring forth
nidus, -i (M)nest
damnosus, -a, -umdestructive, ruinous
erudio, -ire, -ivi/-ii, -itusto teach a skill
tremulus, -a, -umtrembling, shaking
piscis (M)fish
stiva, -ae (F)plow-handle
arator, aratoris (M)plowman; farmer
obstipesco, obstipescere, obstipuito be stunned, dazed
Iunonius, -a, -umof Juno, sacred to Juno
laevus, -a, -umleft, on the left
fecundus, -a, -umfertile; productive
mel, mellis (N)honey
volatus, -us (M)the act of flying, flight
desero, desere, deserui, desertusto leave, desert
cupido, cupidinis (F)passionate desire, longing
rapidus, -a, -umswiftly flowing, quick
odoratus, -a, -umsweet smelling, fragrant
vinculum, -i (N)chain
tabesco, tabescere, tabuito waste/dwindle away
quatio, quatere, quassusto move vigorously, shake
remigium, -i (N)array of oars, oarage; (set of) wings
percipio, percipere, percepi, perceptusto take, acquire, to catch hold of
caeruleus, -a, -umsky blue
regio, regionis (F)direction; district, region
aspicio, aspicere, aspexi, aspectusto look at, observe; to consider, think about
devoveo, devovere, devovi, devotusto vow as an offering/sacrifice; to devote, dedicate

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