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Ch. 14 & Ch. 18: Korea & Japan

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shamanismbelief that good and evil spirits inhabit living and non-living things
Koreaoften called "a shrimp between whales"
Chinese ideas adopted into KoreaConfucianism, Buddhism, calligraphy, and government organization
eldest sonin Korea is to serve his parents until their death
archipelagogroup or chain of islands
Honshu, Skikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido4 largest islands of Japan
Jimmu Tennoaccording to legend, first Japanese emperor
giant turtlemethod by which Jimmu Tenno came to Japan
Hirohitoname of Japanese emperor during WWII
Shinto"the way of the gods"
kamispirit found in living and non-living things
Yamato clanfirst and present ruling clan of Japan
Yoritomoperson's name; first shogun
shogunatemilitary government
kamikazehistorical reference; referred to defeat of mainland invaders by storm called the "divine wind"
samuraipowerful landowners-warriors
Bushido"the way of the warrior"
hari-kari (hara-kiri)ritual suicide to redeem your honor
zamerchant guild in Japan
ikebanaflower arranging; stresses balance, simplicity, beauty
Zenform of Buddhism followed in Japan
Akihitoname of present Emperor
shogunmilitary leader of Japan
sankin-kotaiforced attendance at court
Francis XavierChristian missionary to Japan
barbarianmethods Asians use to describe westerners
Hideyoshia person; removed weapons from peasants to unify Japan
Ieyasua person; completed unification of Japan
Nobunagaa person; began the unification of Japan
seppukumeans same as hari-kari
geishaformal and classical female entertainers
Mt. Fujihighest mountain in Japan
Japanconsists of over 1,000 islands
length of Japanas far as from Maine to Florida
weather of Japanhurricanes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions
Pacific Mountain rimoften called the "ring of fire" because of volcanic activity and earthquakes
kabukitype of Japanese theater honoring traditional Japanese values
haikupoem of 17 syllables; traditional Japanese
United Stateswestern nation which forced Japanese to open doors to westerners
Ainuname of original settlers in Japan
99.8% pureracial purity of Japanese people; a source of pride for them

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