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OVID: Baucis and Philemon: Vocab lines 616-636

probo, -are, -avi, -atusto approve, command
tilia, -ae (F)linden tree
modicus, -a, -ummoderste in size, small
stagnum, -i (N)pool, lagoon, swamp
habitabilis, -is, -efit to live in, inhabitable
mergus, -i (M)sea-bird, gull
fulica, -ae (F)water-fowl, coot
paluster, palustris, palustremarshy, of living in the marshes
species, -ei (F)spectacle, sight, appearance
caducifer, caduciferi (M)the staff bearer (i.e. Mercury)
sera, -ae (F)bar (to latch a door)
canna, -ae (F)small reed
parilis, -is, -eequal, similar
aetas, aetatis (F)age, time of life
consenesco, consenescere, consenuito reach old age, grow old
paupertas, paupertatis (F)poverty
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectusto manufacture, to make
iniquus, -a, -umuneven, rough
refert, referre, retulitimpers., it makes a difference
illicthere, in that place
famulus, -i (M)servant, attendant; slave

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