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OVID: Baucis and Philemon: Vocab lines 637-650

caelicola, -ae (M/F)heaven-dweller, god/ goddess
vertex, verticis (M)whirlpool
relevo, relevare, relevavi, relevatusto reduce the load of, lighten
sedile, sedilis (N)seat, bench, chair
superinicio, superinicere, superinieci, superiniectusto throw, scatter
textum, -i (N)woven fabric, cloth
rudis, -is, -eroughly fashioned, coarse
sedulus, -a, -umattentive, painstaking, sedulous
focus, -i (M)hearth, fireplace
tepidus, -a, -umwarm
dimoveo, dimovere, dimovi, dimotusto move apart, move aside
suscito, -are, avi, -atusto cause to move upward
hesternus, -a, -umof yesterday
folium, -i (N)leaf (of a plant)
anilis, -is, -eof an old woman
multifidus, -a, -umto split in many places
ramale, ramalis (N)branched, twigs
aridus, -a, -umdry
tectum, -i (N)roof, ceiling
defero, deferre, detuli, delatusto bring down
aenum, -i (N)bronze vessel, pot, cauldron
riguus, -a, -umirrigating
colligo, colligere, collegi, collectusto gather, to arrange
trunco, -are, avi, -atusto cut, to strip
furca, -ae (F)forked stick
bicornis, -is, -etwo-horned, two-pronged
sus, suis (M)pig
tignum, -i (N)beam, plank (of wood)
reseco, resecare, resecui, resectusto trim, cut off
tergus, tergoris (N)back (of an animal)
seco, secare, secui, sectusto server, cut, slice
domo, domare, domui, domitusto subdue, tame, conquer

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