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OVID: Baucis and Philemon: Vocab lines 651-670

concutio, concutere, concussi, concussusto cause to vibrate, shake
ulva, -ae (F)bed-frame
salignus, -a, -ummade of willow-wood
velo, -are, -avi, -atusto cover, veil
consuesco, consuescere, consuevi, consuetusto be accustomed
vilis, -is, -echeap, worthless
indignor, -ari, -atus sumto regard with indignation, regard as unworthy
adcumbo, adcumbere, adcubui, adcubiturusto lie down, recline
succinctus, -a, -umwith one's clothes gathered up
impar, imparisunequal in size/length, uneven
testa, -ae (F)roof-tile, potsherd
subditus, -a, -umsituated beneath, set under
suffero, suferre, sustuli, sublatusto hold up, raise up
aequatus, -a, -umleveled
menta, -ae (F)mint, mint-leaf
vireo, virere, viruito show green growth, be green
bicolor, bicolorisof two colors
sincerus, -a, -umunblemished, pure
liquidus, -a, -umliquid, fluid
cornum, -i (N)cornelian cherry
autumnalis, -is, -eautumn
faex, faecis (F)solid matter
intibum, -i (N)chickory, endive
radx, radicis (F)root (of a plant)
lac, lactis (N)milk
massa, -ae (F)lump, amss
leviterlightly, gently
favilla, -ae (F)ashes (of a fire)
fictile, -is (N)earthenware vessel, dish, plate
caelo, -are, -avi, -atusto engrave
sisto, sistere, steti, statusto cause to stand
argentum, -i (N)silver
crater, crateris, cratera (M)mixing bowl (usually for wine)
fabrico, -are, -avi, -atusto fashion, to forge, make
fagus, -i (F)beech tree
cavus, -a, -umhaving a hole in the surface
flavens, flaventisgolden, yellow
inlinio, inlinere, inlevi, inlitusto apply by smearing, smear, to coat with

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