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Integrated Science: (IPS) chapters 9.1 and 9.2

Alkanesaturated hydrocarbon/single bond
Alkeneat least one double bond; can have more
Alkyneat least one triple bond; can have more
Valence Electronelectrons farthest from nucleus in outer most shell
diamond,graphite,buckyball3 forms of carbon
saturated hydrocarbonsmaximum possible # of hydrogen (alkalane)
unsaturated hydrocarbonshydrogen & carboncompounds with that contain 1 or more triple carbon
Isomerscompounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas
nonrenewable resourcescoal, natural gas, petroleum
Combustion Equationprimary products are carbon dioxide and water
Incomplete Combustion Equationprimary product is carbon monoxide
global warmingenvironmental effect of combustion
Octet RuleMost atoms want 8 electrons in outer shell
Carbon6 electrons/4 in outer sgell
Hydrogen1 electron/1 shell
Monomer3 small molecules(particles)
PolymerMany small molecules linked together

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