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OVID: Baucis and Philemon: Vocab lines 679-724

totiensas often as, whenever
repleo, replere, replevi, repletusto refill, replenish
spons, spontis (F)will, volition
succresco, succrescere, succrevito risse up (from below)
novitas, novitatis (F)newness, novelty
paveo, pavereto be frightened, terrified
supinus, -a, -umlying face upward, turned palms upward
daps, dapis (F)sacrificial meal; feast, meal, banquet
paratus, -us (M)preparation
unicus, -a, -umone and only, sole, single
anser, anseris (M)goose
custodia, -ae (F)protection, defense, guard
macto, -are, -avi, -atusto honor; to offer sacrificially (to a god)
fatigo, -are, -avi, -atusto weary, tire out
eludo, eludere, eludi, elususto decieve, fool
meritus, -a, -umdeserved, merited
luo, luere, luito suffer (in way of a punishment)
immunis, -is, -eexempt from tribute/ taxation
nitor, niti, nixus sumto lean on; to strain
mergo, mergere, mersi, mersusto dip, immerse; to flood
palus, paludis (F)flood-water, swamp
prospicio, prospicere, prospexi, prospectusto see before oneself
subeo, subire, subii, subitusto go underneath
columna, -ae (F)column, pillar
stramen, straminis (N)straw, thatching
flavesco, flavescereto turn yellow, become golden
adopertus, -a, -umcovered
marmor, marmoris (N)marble
placidus, -a, -umkindly, pleasant; calm, serene
Saturnius, -a, -umof Saturn
edo, edere, edidi, editusto give forth, emit
iudicium, -i (N)judgemnet, decision
sacerdos, sacerdotis (M/F)priest, priestess
delubrum, -i (N)temple, shrine
concors, concordisagreeing, like-minded
tumulo, -are, -avi, -atusto cover with a burial mound
tutela, -ae (F)guardianship; protection
solutus, -a, -umunbound, loosened
sacer, sacra, sacrumsacred, religious
frondeo, frondereto sprout leaves
abditus, -a, -umhidden from sight, concealed
frutex, fruticis (F)shrub, bush
truncus, -i (M)body of a man, trunk, torso
vanus, -a, -umempty, insubstantial; unreliable, foolish
serta, -orum (N)(pl.) chains of flowers, garlands

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