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OVID: Baucis and Philemon: FOOD vocabulary

holeris (n)vegetable
sus, suis (m)pig
menta, -ae (f)mint, mint-leaf
baca, -aeberry, nut
cornum, -i (n)cornelian cherry, cornel berry
faex, faecis (f)dregs
intibum, -i (n)chickory, endive
radix, radicis (f)root; radish
lac, lacits (n)milk
lactis masa coacticheese
ovum, -i (n)egg
nux, nucis (f)nut
carica, -ae (f)fig
palma, -ae (f)palm
prunum, -i (n)plum
uva, -ae (f)grape
vitis (f)grapevine
favus, -i (m)honeycomb
daps, dapis (f)sacrificial meat; feast, meat, banquet

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