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Unit 2 Vocab Words

vocabulary from unit 2

alienforeign, strange, unfamiliar
comelygood looking, attractive
compensateto pay back, reimberse, recompense
dissolutedissipated, debauched, immoral, corrupt
erraticirregular, inconsistent, unpredictable
expulsionouster, eviction
feinta trick, a bluff, dodge
fodderfood for animals, feed
fortifyto strengthen, reinforce, shore up
illegibleunreadable, scibbled
jeerto make fun of, laugh at, mock
lucrativeprofitable, gainful, moneymaking
mediocreordinary, average
proliferateto multipy, increase
subjugateto conquer, subdue, master
sullyto pollute, defile, smear, stain
tantalizeto tempt, lead on
terseconcise, crisp, short and sweet
unflinchingresolute, unwavering, firm

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