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CLC Stage 19 Vocabulary

Review the Stage 19 vocabulary with these activities.

amo, amare, amavilove, like
caedo, caedere, cecidikill
carus, a, umdear
castigo, castigare, castigaviscold, nag
cogito, cogitare, cogitavithink, consider
comparo, comparare, comparaviobtain
conficio, conficere, confecifinish
curo, curare, curavicare for, take care of, supervise
defrom, down from, about, concerning
defendo, defendere, defendidefend
filia, filiaedaughter
fluo, fluere, fluxiflow
forteby chance
gratias agoI thank, give thanks
illucthere, to that place
iter, itinerisjourney, trip
locus, lociplace
manein the morning
neglegens, neglegentiscareless
noviI know
periculum, periculidanger
plurimus, a, umvery much
pompa, pompaeprocession
posco, poscere, poposcidemand, ask for
sonitus, sonitussound
stola, stolaelong dress
totso many
umerus, umerishoulder
vexo, vexare, vexaviannoy, bother
vivo, vivere, vixilive
vixhardly, scarcely
vox, vocisvoice

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