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Section 6-1: A Changing Landscape

Early humans lived in ____ groups.small
How might early hunter-gatherers in North America have affected other life forms?Early hunter-gatherers in North America are thought to have caused the extinction of certain larger animals such as the Woolly Mammoth.
The most important source of environmental change on Earth is ___.human activity
Give an example of a positive and a negative effect of the green revolution.A positive effect of the green revolution would be the increase in the amount of food that could be grown per acre, providing for more food for human consumption. A negative effect would be the reliance on insecticides and fertilizers that tend to harm the environment.
The ______ of animals was an important event in history for the advancement of agriculture and contributed to a reliable food supply.domestication
Which development in human history led to people settling down in one place like settlements, towns, and cities.The move from hunter-gatherer to an agricultural-based society led to people being able to settle down in one place.
What is a disadvantage of suburban growth?Growth of suburbs causes loss of farmlands and natural habitats.
What is a disadvantage of urban development?Densely packed cities throughout the world often produce more waste than can be safely disposed of in the environment, leading to pollution of water, air and soil.
Name one positive and one negative about the industrial revolution.The industrial revolution led to more efficient manufacturing of goods, which cut down the cost to the consumer. With the decrease in cost of goods, more people were able to afford goods, leading to much higher levels of energy consumption, mostly from fossil fuels that pollute the air.
Name three of Earth's resources on which humans and other species depend for survival?Breathable air, drlnkable water, and fertile soil
What are three types of human activities that affect the biosphere today.Agriculture, industry, and urban development

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