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Section 6-2: Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

_________ forests are nonrenewable resources.Old growth (these forests are considered to be nonrenewable because it takes hundreds and even thousands of years for forests to mature to the point where they are considered to be old growth)
______ are considered to be nonrenewable resource because they take millions of years to form.Fossil fuels
The practice of only taking a certain amount of a renewable resource each year so that the supply doesn't go down year-after-year is called ___.sustainable development
Sulfur and nitrogen compounds in smog combine with water in clouds to form ___.acid rain
The loss of surface soil by water and wind is called ___.erosion
Loss of topsoil due to over-farming or grazing in areas with hot dry climates can lead to ___.desertification (the process of land turning becoming more desert-like)
What are two man-made causes of desertification?Over-farming and over-grazing (both remove plants whose roots hold soil and add important components for soil when they die)
Which type of ecosystem helps purify water?wetlands
The raising and feeding of fish in enclosed areas so they can be harvested later is called ____.aquaculture
Microscopic dust-like pollution is referred to as ______.particulates
When a resource can be used for profit by everyone, it can be overused unless its use is regulated by a government agency. If the resource is not regulated and gets depleted due to overuse, its destruction can be referred to as ___.the tragedy of the commons

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